Water Crisis in Rwanda

Water Crisis in Rwanda

When you live in developed countries like Australia, USA, UK and so on, water is something you take for granted. However, if you live in the developing world such as Rwanda and Ethiopia, you must walk many hours a day to collect water for daily use and most of the time it isn’t even safe for consumption.

Rwanda is a developing country, and has issues in supplying clean and accessible water for its population. Rwanda is rich in water resources, but has yet to build the infrastructure to harness these resources.  In addition, the topography makes it difficult to install public water systems. According to the World Health Organization, only 65% of the Rwandan population has access to clean water. The other 35% gets their water from unsafe sources or must travel long distances to access clean water.

The water Crisis in Rwanda deeply affects the well-being of the Rwandan population. The lack of clean and accessible water in Rwanda increases the spread of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid. These diseases, although curable and preventable, are daily killers and disabling people at an alarming rate. The high childhood mortality, one in five, is mainly linked to “the prevalence of deadly diarrheal diseases”. Mainly women and children walk nearly two hours every day to access clean water. Rwanda educates approximately 28% of its people.Many children often miss school hours completing this laborious chore before going to school.

Neevil Beers plans to donate water credits through 20Liters to help Rwandan people. 20Liters is working closely with World Relief Rwanda and will use their leverages in mobilizing local churches to bring change to empower local church members to make a difference in their communities through the installation of household water filters and rainwater harvesting systems.


5 thoughts on “Water Crisis in Rwanda

  1. Wonderful idea to use beer as a way to reach consumers and turn this consumption into a valuable resource in which you can help the underprivileged avoid disease through safe water. Its kind of like turning water into wine but this is more important.

  2. Love this!! It’s so hard for the western world to understand the value of having safe water coming from our taps! Having met so many sick people & lived in such conditions that have been effected by the water crisis, I’m 110% behind the idea! Who would of thought that beer & water would go so well together?

    • Yep, actually not only in Rwanda, other country such as China and Ethiopia, they still have a water crisis just like Rwanda. Maybe the real situation is more serious than you think. Neevilbeers just try to do some contribution to these country. Rwanda is just the first step to help them. And, we will keep continue to save another one. Thanks for your comment and support!

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